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 Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?

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Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?  Empty
PostSubject: Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?    Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 10:41 pm

Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?

Everything in the material world is made up of vibration – as the mystics have always said, and as quantum physics is now confirming. The material world is resonant. Objects have frequencies that can be detected as sound-waves. When you sing magical chants and songs,  you bind your intention to the vibrations of your voice, vibrations which you send out into the ever-vibrating world.  You make the chant or song vibrate with your very own voice, that no one has but you ... it’s like your fingerprint or your DNA. Nobody has exactly that vibration of voice. Nobody sings just like you do, exactly, in a body just your size, right exactly where you are now.

So the magical intention wrapped into the chant or song is released into your world, where you are standing needing this intention to happen for you.  Think of the word “enchantment”: en-chant-ment. Chant is from the French word for singing. Singing and magick are bound together even in the very words we use!

How Do the Vibrations of My Voice Change Reality?

Any two vibrations which meet will affect each other. This is basic physics.  Imagine dropping two pebbles in a pond, and watch the ripples. Each pebble sets off rings of wavelets. As the waves from each pebble interact, they create a new pattern.  When you sing, the sound vibrations you make spiral out in all directions. Repeatedly singing Wiccan music, over and over, gradually changes the vibrations of everything around you to fit the music.  The more you sing such Witch songs, the more effect you have on the world around you.

How Are Wicca Chants Like Magick Spells?

A magick spell is the integration of an intent with a physical representation of that intent.  For instance, when you make a Witch’s spell pouch, out of a cloth and some herbs and oils and objects, each of those items represents a part of your intent. And in the magick, you are binding those two things: your intention and the physical world.  This brings your intention into form in the physical world. That's how magick spells work.  In magickal music, the intention is wrapped up into a song, and bound into it. 

How Wiccan Music Aids Your Spiritual Development

Wiccan music not only vibrates out into the world outside you, offering your intent in ever-widening spirals of vibration. It also vibrates within you ... you are the instrument creating the vibration, and the vibration also re creates you.  It literally tunes you. Music, and especially Witch songs, alter the vibration of your cells until you are at-tuned with your intention, whatever it may be...

  • Healing,
  • Losing weight,
  • Finding love,
  • Accessing prosperity,
  • Getting a promotion,
  • Buying a house, etc.

Wiccan music helps undermine the old, unwanted patterns of thought and behaviour, gently and softly. And simultaneously it resets you with the new patterns you want.  This is why all religions have used music as part of worship.

(Well, except those which are particularly repressive of individual freedom -- and that's exactly why!)

Can I sing Wiccan Music only during ritual?

You can sing Wiccan Music anytime! It will always do you good... like continual spell-casting.

Sing when you're ...

  • doing the dishes,
  • driving,
  • walking,
  • in the shower,
  • feeling blue,
  • feeling caught in a pattern you want to change,
  • and, of course, during ritual.

The more you listen to it, and especially the more you sing it, the more power it has to effect change in your life.

What if I’m a terrible singer?

Well, first of all, as the African proverb says...

Quote :
“If you can walk, you can dance;

If you can talk, you can sing.”

Our culture has told us that singing is reserved for the privileged few, and to close your mouth if you’re not a perfect singer by the time you’re five years old.  Did they also say to kids, “Suzy, you can’t read, please just pretend to read when the rest of us are reading”? No, they teach (or at least try to teach) kids to read.

Why don't they do that with singing? It's a skill like any other, and I believe everyone can learn it.  But it doesn't really matter how well you sing. If you're only singing for yourself and the Goddess, you sing perfectly well.  Offer your own unique voice, your own vibration, just as it is -– crackly or sore or beautiful or out of tune or whatever.

After all, She can only hear your voice from you, and that's a gift to Her.
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Why Use Music in Magic and Ritual?
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