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 Celtic Wicca

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Celtic Wicca

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CELTIC MAGIC :-  These words conjure up pictures of Druids and mystical oak groves, daring Irish warriors existing cheek to cheek with fairies, elves and ancient deities who took  an active part in the lives of their worshippers.

The word CELTIC has become a label for the indigenous peoples of north-west Europe, who occupied a vast territory from the Pyrenees to the Rhine, and from Ireland to Romania.  By about 600 BC, most of Western Europe was occupied by tribes that were thought to be culturally one people.  The Greeks named these people of Central Europe " KELTOI".  The Celts were despised by the Greeks and Romans, who thought them Barbarians, viewing their normadic lifestyle as lacking the arts of civilisation. 

So, who were the Celts?

They left no written records and so no direct information is known about them.  All that we have found out comes from archaeological discoveries or through the writings of classical Mediterranean authors such as Caesar, Pliny, Tacitus and Lucian.  The Druids were Celtic priests, prophets, and Magicians.  Caeser says that the Druids officiated in the worship of the Gods, and ruled on religious questions.

For several decades there has been a growing interest in the old Pagan beliefs,one of these being Celtic Wicca. People are seeking a more practical, personal system of beliefs,some way to be  spiritual yet improve their lives.  This includes Pagan religion and magic, which is both practical and spiritual.

The Celtic and/or Druidic systems are generally thought of as being Irish, British and Welsh.  In fact, the celts at one time inhabited much of the Western Europe.  Remains of their civilizations range from Southern France and areas of Spain north into lowland Germany, the British Isles and Ireland.

It is not necessary to be of those backgrounds though to practice Celtic magic.  All that is needed is an interest in Celtic mythologies and Magic itself, A deep sympathetic feeling for nature and her powers.  Celtic magical beliefs are firmly rooted in the Earth herself and in all the Elemental Spirits that are the very essence of all Nature. 

This includes the four basic elements which make up Nature;
Earth Air Fire and Water.

Celtic Wicca Four-e10

Pagan Magic is both practical necessity and part of a religious experience.  Pagans are people who live very much in reality.  They are Innovators, Thinkers, Pursuers of wisdom and Spiritual Growth.They know that improving you, the person, and your immediate life is an important as perfecting the Spiritual you. or the Soul. Striving for these goals and getting there are what really matters, not the opinions of others.

It goes without saying that Celtic Magic started with the Celts.  The Celts are commonly thought of as the ancient Irish.  In fact, their covered a much larger area than Ireland.  The Celts first appeared in history as they came out of the Eastin waves of migrants in the 9th CenturyBC.  They spread into Gaul, the Iberian Peninsula, North Italy The Balkans, Asia Minor, Britain, Scotland, Wales and of course Ireland.  By the 5th Century BC  they were located in towns in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, areas where they settled for a time.  At the height of power their territory stretched from the the British Isles toTurkey, but they finally fell to the Romans and germanic tribes.

Although they were not all of the same ethnic stock, they spoke dialects of the same language. From about  600 BC   the Celtic peoples had an alphabet called the OGHAM (pronounced OWAM) .  The OGHAM alphabet was sacred and probably used only for special recordings.  The Druids knew and used the Greek alphabet for ordinary messages, although the later Bards of Wales continued to use the OGHAM to write down what they remembered of DRUIDIC tradition.  Eventually the Christian Church forcibly replaced the OGHAM with the Latin alphabet.  With the knowledge of three alphabets it is likely that at some point, at least in Ireland, the celts began to record their history and Legends.  Although it is said that the celts kept no written records, St Patrick personally burned almost 180 Irish books written in the Celtic Language. This set an example for Christian zealots who destroyed every piece of Druidic literature they could find.  Christian monk-scribes, for some unknown reason, felt compelled to record the Celtic Myths, even while the missionaries determinedly stamped out belief in the ancient Goddessses and Gods.

To the Celtic people, magic was as common as breathing. It was not set aside for a special occasions . The Celts had no difficulty reconciling materialism and spiritual insight because they clearly understood that each is present in the other, that matter is only solidified spirit.  Today, there is trouble accepting magical law. Our minds have been bombarded by prejudiced opinions until we have become programmed to believe a blend of the material  and spiritual is impossible. By continuing to believe this rot, people place themselves in a tight bound position that prohibits them from manefesting, by magic, what they need in their lives.

Ritaul magic removes this programming.  That is why we really need to know ourselves,truthfully and exercise self discipline.  Ritual magic is the taking of energy from another plane of existence and weaving that energy, by specific thoughts, words and practices into what it is we desire. The whole conception of magic, is to contact various energies that excist in another dimension.  The prime purpose I think, of Ritual magic is to create a change, and we cannot do that without the combination of energies that we call Goddess, Gods, Dieties and Elements. Everything used during a ritual is a symbolic  of an energy on another plane. Study of, and medititation on ritual symbols is important.
In order to bring the power of the Elements, Goddess and Gods we must first set up a communication so that the power can flow.  To keep this power flowing and directing to a particular goal, rituals are performed within a consecrated circle. This provides a neutral energy area which will not siphon off the incoming energy. Ritual magic helps open doors to your own creative mind and the subconscious.

Controlled emotion is important in ritual magic. The more emotionally involved you are during spellwork the more effective is the manifestation. Repetition also helps in manifestation and ritual work.  Certain numbers hold mysterious powers also.  The numbers are 3,5,7,9.  The Ancient Celts were aware of the significance of repitition and numbers.  The number 13 is very ancient and is the prime number of importance among Wiccan religion. The Celts and the Druids important number, was the number 3, The Trinity.   The Druids expressed their lore in Triads, the Druidic symbol was the Tribann, or the Three rays of light. The importance of numbers show up in the planets to.  Sun 1/4  Moon 2/7  Jupiter 3,   Mercury 5,  Venus 6,  Saturn 8,  and Mars 9.

Celtic Magic believes that to be able to do magic, you must believe you can, because  you have the power to change and improve your life.  We must start by working on our inner, and outer self.  Change all the bad habits that you have,  negative thinking is no good,  get rid of addictive habits. As you start to create these changes in you inner self, you will find that magic results flow more freely. Your life would have changed already,  it will flow with health, and happiness, and if those addictive habits were expensive, you will have prosperity as well.

The Four Powers of the Magus

It is essential to think through your reasons for doing magic.  The Four Powers of the Magus is a very old teaching in Magick. it is:  To know, To dare, To will, to be silent. 

To KNOW  means to learn the knowledge to do ritual Magic, to DARE, to practice it, 

To WILL the manifestation, and to be SILENT about what you are doing. 

The ancient latin names for these powers were; NOSCERE, AUDERE, VELLE and TACERE.   All of these powers must be present  so that you are balanced.  In Celtic Magic there is also a correspondence to the four elements NOSCERE,( to know) corresponds to air, AUDERE (To dare) water, VELLE (will) Fire,  and TACERE(silence) to Earth. A fifth power IRE (to progress) corresponds to spirit.

The Celts knew the powers of the Moon phases and used them.  Their calender was based on the lunar year.  It is logical that the Moon should affect you body and emotions just as it affects the tides of the Earth, after all, the human body is made up of mostly water.  Celtic Magick basically works with and employs, the powers of planetary and natural energies.  It is a Magick that is in harmony with our planet and our very bieng.

Basic tools of Celtic Magick - work are:-  Alter, Cauldron, Pentacle, Wand, Staff, ,goblets,incense burner, knife sword candles herbs and stones.

The first thing you need is an Alter, this can be as simple as you like, or a special table used solely for spellwork.  The Alter should be placed facing the East. The Alter is the Earth, connected with Spirit, and a grounding station bringing your spells into reality on this plane .

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The Cauldron is mentioned in many Celtic Myths, and always in the happenings of magic. It has many uses.  Filled with water itcan double as a scrying tool.sometimes, candles can be putin it,to burn out ritually. The Cauldron is the elemnet of Water.

The Pentacle is a five pointed star, with one upward point, it is a spirit symbol in Wicca and other Pagan rituals. Other names for it include Druids foot, Wizards foot, Witches foot, and Goblins cross.

Traditionally the wand and staff should be wooden,made of naturally formed tree branches,or made of dowels and decorated with crystals and wooden beads. The length should be whatever you feel comfy using.  They are both of the element of air.

Goblets can be of any size. They hold water,or wine.  The goblet ,like the cauldron is the element of Water.

A good incense burner is essential,  Representative of the element of Fire, can be used to burn paper in spells that require you to do so.

The Dagger should be new. In Wicca it is called the Athame, and the hilt is usually black and the blade double sided.  You use the knife to chop herbs and incise candles. It is also used to cast your circle.

Candles are the elements of Air and Fire, and are used for everything from lighting the Alter to specific spells. Different colour candles have different meanings.

Red  -     health, energy, strength, sexual potency,courage,willpower,to conquer fear and laziness,

Pink -      Love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening,healing of the spirit, togetherness.

Yellow     Intellect, imagination, power of the mind, creativity, confidence, gentle persuasion, action, attraction, concentration, inspiration.

Orange   Encouragement, power, sudden changes, control, attraction, change luck, to draw good things,

Green     Abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, balance.

Blue        Truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, good health, happiness, peace, understanding, harmony in the home, patience.
There are many more, this is just an example.

Celtic Wicca is both a religion and a Magickal system.  The word 'Wicca'  comes from the anglo saxon language and means wise one.

The Male and Female aspects of Nature were personified by the Celts as the White Moon Goddess and The Horned God.  They are the oldest known deities. The Wiccan believe that all Gods are one god, All Goddeses are one Godess, and both are untied.  Both Wicca and Celtic Pagans believe in another world which is made up of spirits, human and elemental. The Wiccan believe that powerful withes of the past are still able tohelpthose practising the craft today.  Most Pagan groups believe in reincarnation and Karma.  The Wiccan and Celtic religions teach that between reincarnations the soul rests in the land of Feary, A Pagan Paradise, called by the Celts TIR-NAN-OG, Land of the Young.
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Celtic Wicca
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