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 Psychic Skills Exploration and Development

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PostSubject: Psychic Skills Exploration and Development   Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:38 am

Psychic Skills Exploration and Development

Enjoy the following Free course "psychic skills exploration & development" featuring in-depth explanations of psychic abilities, how to develop them, exercises, articles, and a variety of resources are provided. Please follow the rules and guidelines when using this course.

It is highly recommended that you follow the first part of this book in order, it goes through the first class and then as you move on to the more advanced stuff you can jump around to whatever interests you. The Beginning Psy section is what the rest of the book builds from, so even if you are more adept please work through it first.

Also, please know that there are no experts in this arena, and that we all grow and learn in our own ways. Take what resonates with you from this course, and leave behind what doesn't. Feel free to grow and explore in the forum, or to share this book with anyone you feel may enjoy it. You may even offer it as a free Ebook on your site so long as you agree to the following Terms:

This book may be distributed FREELY, without Charge, not as a "bonus" for paying for something else, but FREELY.

It must remain UNALTERED, do not edit things out, do not present it as your own work.

This book may not be reproduced in any other form without express written permission from the author. It may not be excerpted etc. It must be distributed in its entirety.

If you agree to those very simple terms I encourage you to share this book with others Smile.

Copyright & Distribution violations will be pursued.


* Introduction : Please read First! it will help you find your way through the rest of the book! It also contains all the vital information, copyrights distribution etc.
* Things To Consider: Before starting down this path, please read this important advice.
*Article: Psychic Skills: Gifts, Powers, or Abilities? Read my article that explains my views on what psychic abilities are.
* Preparing Your Journals : This book has exercises etc that require the use of two types of journals, here are suggestions for how to set them up.
* Beginning Psychic Skills Development: Learning to Meet & Work with your Spirit Guides

* Lesson I: Learning to Relax the Mind
* Lesson II: How does Spirit Communicate?
* Lesson III: Psychic Protection
* Lesson IV: Starting to Develop the Senses
* Some Exercises: Self-exploration exercises
* Lesson V: Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Psychic Skills Development Part II
Further Exploration

* About this Section:
Read First
* Animal Totems: Learning to Recognize & Work with your Animal Guides
* Chakras: Chakras and Energy Healing Basics, grounding, clearing, and more.
* Clairvoyance - Continued Development: More information & exercises for developing Clairvoyance
* Clairaudience - Continued Development: More information & exercises for developing Clairaudience
* Clairsentience - Continued Development: More information & exercises for developing Clairsentience
* Divination Methods: How Divination Tools Work, and General Info on some popular tools.
* Dream Work: Dream Journaling & Interpretation
* Mediumship/Channeling: Exploring the basics of Channeling/Mediumship
* Meditation/Visualization FAQ's FAQ's on Meditation & Exercises

The Course

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Psychic Skills Exploration and Development
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