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 The Claddagh

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PostSubject: The Claddagh   Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:38 am

The Claddagh

The Claddagh, is an ancient Celtic symbol depicting the power of love and friendship.

Many people give their friends and loved ones Claddagh rings, as a sign of their  lasting love of eternal freindship.

The symbol of Claddagh in itself is quite simple, and shows two hands clutching a heart that has a crown above it. The heart (obviously) represents the love,  the hands friendship, and the crown loyalty and fidelity and devotion.  

Many stories surround the legend of the Claddagh and how it came about. One story says that a king fell in love with a peasant girl,  and distraught  about the fact they could never be together,  killed himself after first ordering his hands cut off and placed around his heart as a sign of his eternal love and devotion of the girl.  

Another legend states that a sailor from Claddagh in Ireland, was kidnapped  by pirates and sold as a slave.  He became the property of a goldsmith who felt sorry for him and taught him his trade.  The goldsmith let the sailor go, and on his return to Claddagh he found his girlfreind still waiting for him, after all the years he was away.  He made a ring as a sign of their undying love and devotion to each other,   and presented it to her.

Today there are many different types of Claddagh jewellry,  rings, ear rings, necklaces, etc,  but all hold the same symbolic testimony for the wearer.  

Many beleive the Claddagh to be a *faith* ring, symbolising the Holy Trinity. The crown the father,  the Left hand the son,  and the right the holy ghost.  

In Pagan terms,  The Claddagh would represent The Goddesss. the Crown would be the Mother, The left hand the Maiden and the right the Crone, all surrounding and nuturing the heart, the universal sign of humanity.
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The Claddagh
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