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 Your Abundant Life

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Welcome to Your Abundant Life , Free Personal Success E-course!

Your life is meant to be an abundant and joyful journey! And you don’t need anything more than you have right now to begin activating your inborn ability to be healthier, happier and more fullfilled.

By practicing the simple and essential steps outlined in this coaching program you will:

Discover how easy it is to connect with your power to manifest abundance
Learn how to stop pushing for results and effortlessly attract more good into your life
Generate more success naturally by learning how to think better
Begin implementing steps and practices that help you achieve greater success
Learn how to recognize the signs of your progress

You have the power to live the life you were meant to live!

Take the self-study eCourse and learn how to apply – and benefit from – these concepts in just 6 weeks! For more information about the Your Abundant Life™ coaching program, visit www.benchmarkcoaching.com or email us at coach@benchmarkcoaching.com

About Christen Resmo and BenchMark Coaching.

Your Abundant Life Chris_10

Christen Murphy Resmo is a Personal and Professional Success Coach, author, radio personality, advice columnist, workshop leader, and President of BenchMark Coaching, Inc. In the past 9 years of practice, Christen has helped thousands of people find the life and career path that suits them best. Christen can help you stay focused on what is most important and help you enhance your own personal effectiveness in every situation. Professional Coaching can help you achieve the results you want in your life quickly, with more support, more fun, and less stress. For more information on what coaching can do for you, contact Christen at 303.904.0221 or visit www.benchmarkcoaching.com

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that people are capable of creating the life they dream of through persistence, a desire and willingness to grow, and with the strong support they truly deserve. With the correct mindset and a healthy dose of the right attitude, the ordinary person will accomplish extraordinary results. Therefore, a valuable part of what I do is share those proven-effective coaching concepts, tools and principles that help raise awareness and give people good things to think about, and then ACT on. My goal is that my clients find out what works well for them and then put their learning into everyday practice.

Understanding that my clients have their own answers, I appreciate my support role in their process of self-discovery and greater understanding. I do this by asking questions and listening, probably more closely and carefully than most people have experienced. I don't let my clients convince themselves of all the reasons they can't do something nor do I help them argue for their limitations. I coach best with people who come to coaching totally human, with all their mistakes, imperfections and insecurities, but who are also ready for something better, willing to take full responsibility for their lives, and able to act on their values, priorities and dreams!

I started Benchmark Coaching with success in mind. And success is realized by anyone who is first willing to define it for herself, and then go after it. I enjoy being with people when success happens for them because of their own decision to make it happen. And success doesn't have to be that elusive thing that you wish for and hope to experience someday. You can live the dream today! You must simply decide to add the things that bring you joy and fulfillment and start removing the things that hold you back or drag you down. The partnership that develops between the coach and client is meaningful, exciting, and dynamic. Together, you and I will create a life and career path that suits you best. And I believe your life will evolve as a result of the coaching process.

It all begins...

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Your Abundant Life
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