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 Casting Spells

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Casting Spells
A Short  Introduction to Different Spell Types
A Spell is the combination of words and objects used to focus magickal energy, and direct it into ensuring the desired result.  Casting spells can help you deal with areas of your life that cause problems and give you the confidence you need to overcome them,  By working with words and objects that symbolise the goal your seeking, you can direct and focus your own natural energies.

By using the power of your imagination, focused and heightened by concentration, will power and belief, you can cast spells safely and positively.  Wiccans follow the witches rede, which in its shortened version says, * An harm it none, do as ye will*  meaning you should casue no harm to anyone with your spells, including your self. It should be known though,  All Wiccans are Witches,   but not all Witches are Wiccans.
Witches and our beliefs have been demonised over the years, but for thousands of years spells were used to help protect people from lifes sorrows and pains.  In the Middle ages, local Witches combined the roles of GP, midwife and vet, dispensing herbs to heal human and animal ailments, adn to aid births.  Without a pharmacy, they found thier own ingredients and an extensive knowledge of herbalism was essential.  The traditions of herb and Moon lore learned by Witches were usually oral which were passed down and adapted through time.
Blessing spells are used to improve existing conditions.  Within a rural community such spells may include blessing the crops for a good harvest.  Blessings spells can also heal people and animals bringing more happiness and positivity into a persons life.  They can also be used to purify buildings and places,, removing unwanted influences.  Blessing spells remind us or our connection to the people around us and to our enviroment. An example of a blessing spell is the Catholic tradition of dabbing holy water onto your forehead before entering a church.  You might also cast a blessing spell for a long and happy life on a newborn baby. 
Wishing Spells are cast to improve your quality of life. They might include spells to improve your current job situation, or help you find a new one.  Spells to help you overcome nerves and so help pass exmas  etc.  Spells to improve your luck or attract love into your life. But one should always remember when casting spells, The Law of Attraction,  make sure what you cast your wishing for is what is right for you. Remember as a child?  *make a wish* while blowing out your birthday candles...  was performing a wishing spell.

Protection spells are the most popular ones cast today as well as in ancient times.  These could be anything from protection when travelling by air land or sea, to house protection from burglars etc, and protection for yourself from negative influences.
Binding spells are cast to stop an individual acting maliciously or negatively in a manner that causes harm.  Such spells also help the person causing the problemn to realise the harm they can do.  These are NOT curses  which will be covered later on. 

There are many more spell *types* which will we endevour to cover as the thread grows.
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Casting Spells
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