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 Division Of The Heart

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Division Of The Heart

There is nothing more painful to the heart then being divided from the person you love, but for some lovers this is an everyday reality.

The path of true love never runs smoothly! There are many obstacles that prevents lovers from being together, ranging from opposing ideologies, cultural clashes or, as in the case of Romeo and Juliet, conflicting families. For people who are looking to follow their hearts, the demands of the family can feel especially oppressive. The need to form a relationship with someone who has your family's approval can put you in the awkward position of having to make some difficult choices.

To offer perspective, however, this is a predicament faced by many sets of lovers;

King Edward VIII had to choose between staying with the royal family and accepting his duties as King or being with his lover, a divorcess called Wallis Simpson;
he choose the latter.

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The Greatest story of love divided is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in which the protagonists' family feud and the social conventions of contemporary Verona keep them apart. In Romeo and Juliet's time it was unheard of for a woman to choose who she would like to be with, and mariages were usually arranged to promote the family's best interst, which usually meant an elevation in rank or an increase in fortune.

Juliet's Dilemma
In the play, Juliet's father, a Capulet, tried to marry his daughter to Paris, a relation to the Prince. He knows that this union will bring his family an aristocratic title and secure their status as the leading family of Verona. Women were married young as this was considered to be the best time for them to create heirs for their husbands. Juliet is not even 14 when she is forced to marry but she has no choice but to obey her father's will.

The background to Romeo and Juliet's love story is one of rivalry, bitterness and anger. The Montagues and Capulets had been feuding for centuries and the members of each family were sworn enemies in medieval Verona. Againstthis background, young Romeo gatecrashes a Capulet party and first sets eyes on Juliet. The pair are instantly drawn to each other and their love story begins.

Division Of The Heart E0674b10

After the party, Juliet is overcome with love for Romeo, but also fear because she has given her heart to a Montague. She declares her love secretly for him from her balcony... "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" .... unaware that Romeo is listening below. The pair can't live apart and, with the help of a friar, they marry in secret. They hope that their love can begin to heal the rift that has torn apart the two families for too long.

Division Of The Heart 49707910

The actual balcony in Verona today.

A cruel twist of fate sees Romeo igniting the bitterness between the families again when he kills a Capulet, and Juliet's father - unaware that his daughter is already married - decides it's time she makes a good marriage. Distraught, Juliet turns to the friar and he comes up with a plan: Juliet will take poisen that will render her lifeless and apparently dead. Unfortunately, the fates donlt fall kindly for the lover's and Romeo doesn't get notification of the plan in time. On finding Juliet's body, Romeo is overcome with grief and kills himself. At that moment Juliet awakes, kisses Romeo's poisened lips, and kills herself. On finding the dead bodies of their children, the two families finally realise what their hatred has caused and brings an end to the feud.

Moral Of The Story

Romeo and Juliet's love was ill-fated because of circumstances beyond their control. In the end, however, their love served to overcome centuries of anger and united the warring Capulets and Montagues. Their love was too pure for this world and in dying together Shakespear suggests that they have been united forever in the afterlife. The only place where they can eternally remain true to each other.

The Moral of the tale is that circumstances can seem against you and your chosen relationship but following your heart, and going for what you want, is the only way to find true happiness. There are no gaurantees in life - or love - but if you don't try then your fate is already sealed and your love failed.
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Division Of The Heart
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