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 The Violet Flame

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PostSubject: The Violet Flame   The Violet Flame Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2016 5:08 pm

The Violet Flame Smallv10

In the name of my higher self that governs my destiny

Send me the violet flame, let every negative

condition be cast off my soul and purified in the

White light of the God and Goddess.

If you are familiar with physics you will be aware that violet is at the top end of the spectrum of visible light, just before infrared. It has the highest vibration of the visible light spectrum. In spiritual matters, violet is the highest colour healing light, typically associated with the crown chakra. When you are working with healing, in a number of different traditions, you are often called upon to visualise a violet light to help your healing.

The violet flame is a particular aspect of the use of violet visualization revealed by an ascended master known as Saint Germain. The violet flame transmutes negative energy into positive and can be used to pay off negative karma, not just for yourself, but for others and for the earth herself. It is a great tool for affecting change in your life, and helping you deal with issues in your life.

To use the violet flame on yourself you need to first centre yourself and to breathe regularly. Make sure you do this in a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Visualise a violet light engulfing you, just like a flame. See it flickering around your body form the core all the way to the outside, transmuting the negative into positivity, and burning off old karma. Whilst holding this in your mind, you repeat one of the violet flame decrees listed at the bottom of this section. Saint Germain also teaches that if you do the above violet flame exercise for twenty minutes on the 23rd of each month then you can transmute all the karma you have accumulated in that month in one go.

If you wish to deal with specific issues in yourself, for example, transmuting certain negative emotions, try visualizing yourself sitting by a campfire that is burning with a violet flame. Again still your and centre yourself first putting these parts of you into the fire and watching them transmute. Repeat one of the violet flame mantras as you do this.

When you use the violet flame on the earth herself, you are not just helping to balance your own karma, but also that of everyone on the earth, including the earth herself. This is a very good visualization to do. You can home in on particular areas of the world that are experiencing problems and send violet flame there.
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The Violet Flame
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