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 3D STS to 4D STO

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PostSubject: 3D STS to 4D STO   Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:23 am

3D STS to 4D STO
STS - Service to Self
STO - Service To Others

To graduate from 3D STS to 4D STO you must learn all of your universal 3D lessons. In that, it is highly important to:
1.  Learn how to recognize and read the symbols of 3D, to be able to “see behind the veil” (like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz)
2.  How to use those symbols to recognize synchronicities to be able to make connections within your mind for deeper understandings/knowings
3.  Act according to choice, do not react based on triggered emotions (see the unseen) to conserve your energy (for STO FRV instead of feeding STS)
4. Engage in the everyday work of living and interacting with others in order to effect your lessons and engage in the flow of synchronistic learning
5. Give when truly asked (making sure it’s not a ruse to be drained)
6. Refuse to be manipulated (led astray, or emotionally drained by drama)
7.  Accept and believe in self. It's not where you are, but who you are and what you see that counts.

WHO YOU ARE = Your Frequency Resonance Vibration polarity (where you are on the STO or STS meter)
WHAT YOU SEE = How awake/aware you are according to how much knowledge you have gained via learning your lessons... so 4D candidate.
To live in a condition where one denies the right of the so-called "base character traits" to exist, to consider them an "error" or a "rebellion," a "Satanic delusion," is to deny fully half of existence, fully half of God - to reject Him, to NOT love him; to love only those parts that the limited human mind consider to be "acceptable" and to "hate" those parts that are not "pleasant" and desirable to fleshly comfort - and it is to love subjectively only the part of the self that is "acceptable."
And this is a crucial point. To accept one's own self, in all its many parts. That does NOT mean that one "manifests" every negative character trait, it means that one accepts, loves, and tries always to choose to manifest the noble traits and to channel the base traits productively. To love objectively, all that IS, unconditionally, both the light and the darkness, and to NEVER interfere with the Free Will of another to choose to do or be as they see fit is one of the keys; one of the "simple understandings."
"What fear have ye, if ye remember that the soul is what counts, and that it is indestructible"  we are not communicating with you in order to"prove" our existence. If one has faith and is willing to learn, to explore new realms and to discover what will one "day" be commonplace awareness profile, then no "proof" is necessary. If, on the other hand, one is of the opposite psychic orientation, then no amount of proof is adequate."
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3D STS to 4D STO
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