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 Grief and Loss

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Grief and Loss

Mourning is love, with no place to go....

The pain of loss when a relationship is irrevocably over can be extreme, but learning how to face grief is an important part of love and life. An old adage suggests that it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. This may be true, but when you are in the throes of despair following the end of a relationship it may be hard, if not impossible, to believe. Whether the other person left of their own accord or you're grieving their death, the feelings of loss, abandment and despair you experience are very much the same.

The story of Queen Victoria shows grief is a feeling that transcends money, power and position. Actor Pierce Brosnan, was famously devastated after he lost his wife Cassandra after a 4 year battle with cancer. And Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon, has dedicated her life to the causes they shared - perhaps helping her to keep his memory alive.

Grief invades all areas of your life, sometimes making even the simplest tasks difficult. When Queen Victoria lost her husband Albert she tried to continue her duties as Queen of England, but her performance was adversely affected until she dealt with her grief. Properly grieving a lost relationship is an important part of the healing process, as you adjust to your life without your lover. Working through the variety of emotions that arise will take time, but there different methods which can help you with this painful process.

Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne on 2oth June 1837 and ruled for over 60 years, the longest reign in British History. She oversaw one of the country's greatest periods of growth and proved herself a popular and trusted monarch despite periods of great personal unhappiness.

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Her marriage to Prince Albert took place in 1840 and they were to have 9 children together.

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Their union was one of mutual respect and love, and Victoria consulted with Albert over every decision she had to make during her reign. But Albert's health began to decline at a young age and he died of typhoid in 1861. Victoria was so overcome with grief that she largly retired from public life, took to wearing black all the time and earned herself the nickname "Widow of Windsor".

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She recieved consolation from a servant - who even thwarted an attempt on her life - John Brown. The two became very close and over time Victoria eventually returned to her public duties.

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In 1876, Victoria took the title "Empress of India". In fact during Victoria's long years on the throne, the British Empire doubled in size, taking India, Austrailia, and the South Pacific. The foundation of many of Britain's great museums occurred during her reign, including London's Victoria and Albert Museum. She was the first British monarch to ride a train, one of the many significant innovatons of her time. When she died in 1901 her influence was felt around the world.

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Grief and Loss
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