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 Exploring Spiritual Sexuality

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PostSubject: Exploring Spiritual Sexuality   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:17 am

Exploring Spiritual Sexuality

Ancient mystics believed the act of sexual union was a celebration of the body and a path to spiriual enlightment. For the past 2000 years, western civilisation has taught that sexuality is sinful. Although sexual intercourse is often spoke of as a sacrement, it is not promoted as a way to spiritual enlightment. The only reason for sex being pleasurable, it seems, is an inducement to further the human race. The ancient Eastern mystics and Western Pagans hold a very different view of sex. In these traditions, male and female are two halves of a single divinity - the Yin and the Yang.

The union of the Goddess and God ignites a potent force, the obvious result of which is a child for those couples of child bearing age. In the Spiritual world, forces are unleashed during sex that can be used to further enlightment. It is no wonder that, throughout the ages, people have craved sexual union with one another, however, Spiritual Sexuality is about consciousness, meaning and hope. It's about our connections to one another and something beyond ourselves.

Spiritual sexuality is about more than sex. The act of sex is not all there is to being sexual. It involves our emotional, and our spiritual make up as our sexuality affects all other aspects of who we are. The gift of your sexuality is that it is a profound modality for the ecstatic affirmation of human love. Why would you ever want to see them as opposing forces rather than as partners? Love includes and embraces the entire universe.

Sexual expression can be frightening. It is a movement from everyday limited levels of consciousness into an expansion of your energetic aliveness. Two activities that challenge the ego structure down to its very core are meditation and sexual expression. Both require letting go of the negative mind's usual control over you. In meditation and in sex, in order to become the master of your mind, you must escape from its traps that keep you absorbed at the level of thought.

You achieve freedom if you can access a place inside yourself that lives only in the present tense, not trying to go anywhere or to accomplish anything. In this receptive state, love happens. Fulfillment happens. Union happens. The mind wants you to be at its every beck and call. It becomes very threatened if you surrender into the flow of sexual energy. Therefore, it tells you that sex is wrong, or a waste of time, or an addiction, or not spiritual enough. Or it starts a fight with your lover when the possibility for a new level of sexual intimacy is available. Listening to your mind's negativity has you miss the bliss that can be experienced when you let go into the formless. Dive in underneath the superficial motivations of your sexual desires to the deepest stirrings within your soul. Approach lovemaking with an attitude of reverence and awe, because untainted sex is the sharing of divine nectar. With the safety created by this underlying context, all avenues of pure sexual expression become open to mutual exploration.

So What is spiritual sex?

Spiritual sex arises out of both partners' desire for union through uninhibited self expression. As your animal nature releases into an uninhibited expression of passion, perhaps the absolutely perfect spiritual union becomes available to you in that moment. Then, in another moment, when you are softly touching and looking into one another's eyes, you have included your human, animal passion rather than trying to bypass it.

Spiritual sex: Love and lust

Are lust and love enemies waging war against one another or friends complementing each other? When sexual energy begins to flow, you can be overpowered by your genitals if you let them sweep you into actions that you regret later. Yet you need not do anything about your sexual arousal unless your heart is in agreement with your genitals. Sexuality can be a doorway into bliss instead of a stumbling block to be overcome. Embracing both soft, cool sex, and hot, passionate sex creates more colors with which to paint a richer self-portrait. "Spiritual sex" includes the entire spectrum from life's rainbow, such as:

Diving into each other's eyes...
Tenderly touching each other's face...
Holding each other heart to heart and letting your energy flow...
Following your sexuality's expression without preconceived pictures... and so very much more

As you surrender into the unknown, new possibilities arise from the innocence of your creativity.
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Exploring Spiritual Sexuality
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