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 Understanding Tantric Sex

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PostSubject: Understanding Tantric Sex   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:18 am

Understanding Tantric Sex

Once you understand the principles of Tantric Sex, you are on the road to a greater pleasure and a closer relationship with your lover. Tantrix sex teaches you to take the natural power of your sexuality and use it to improve your sexual experiences. You do this in two ways. First, you improve your ability to make love by gaining greater control of the activities involved. Second, you learn to use that control in ways other than the most obvious. Both of these ways increase your pleasure and the pleasure of your partner.

Tantric sex does not involve controlling your partner. Tantra sees those who practice its tenets as free and equal. If you suggest experimenting with Tantra and your partner isn''t comfortable with the idea, accept their wishes and try something else instead. The doctrine behind Tantra sees female and male as two halves of a unity. "Kundalini" is one thing, neither male or female, but the combination of two Kundalinis is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tantra is a great source of emotional growth. It can give you insight into your strengths and insecurities, helping you gain confidence in yourself. It is not about comparing yourself with others,or being competitive. It is about accepting yourself and the people around you, not critically judging one another. You will beneift greatly in many ways from learning, and experiencing Tantrix Sex. Understanding and experience are the keys to heightened sexual pleasure, and knowing that such things are possible with your partner makes you both more confident and open with each other.

Physically, Tantric sex teaches you self-control, and offers many benefits.

Improves ciculation
Burns up calories
Cleanses your body by sweating out toxins
Increases your stamina
Increases your ability to prolong sex in other ways as well.

Your goals for sex will change - you'll be able to linger on the verge of orgasm and derive entirley new pleasures from the process.
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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Tantric Sex   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:18 am

Enjoying the Art of Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is the ancient key to complete sexual pleasure and mindful sexual exploration. The two are connected because as sexual energy flows, your subconscious is intimately involved. Tantric sex allows you to make love with greater enjoyment. It involves prolonging love making and spending more time than usual on foreplay, reaching a higher stae of sexual ecstacy. Tantra calls upon the power of natural energy the yogi's called *Kundalini*, which is the electricity you feel when you are aroused. Getting turned on and heading for the bedroom is fun enough by itself, but once you have mastered Tantra, you will soon find that it can be much more.

Kundalini is perfectly intuned with your body as it is generated by your body. It originates at the base of your spine, and obviously plays an important role when used in nearby areas.... You are able to direct it though tantrix sex, to rise along the spine and put its power to use the brain, providing yourself with an *orgasm of the mind*. The great thing about orgasms of the mind is that bodily orgasms are enhanced rather than lost in the process.

Arousing your Senses

Tantric sex is based on concentrating on physical sensations, and enhancing and focusing on your sensuality within. To achieve this, Tantra starts with the five senses. Here is a very brief explanation, which will be looked into deeper as we journey along.

1. Sight
Sight is the first sense. Tantra can be performed with the lights on so that enjoyment of visual beauty is not hindered. But a great way to focus the input from the other is to turn the lights off, heightening non-visual sensations.

2. Taste

Sense two is taste. A Tantric experience always involves food. This can vary from a feast to a single taste, and is entirely up to the participants, but taste must be stimulated. No particular food or drink is specified, but strawberrys are quite usual. These are to be consumed only during the first beginnings of making love.

3. Touch
Tantric touch often uses the thumb and forfinger of both hands, to create a smooth, gentle touch all over your partners body. More on this later.

4. Scent
Sense four is scent, and includes general cleanliness and the natural, unique scent and taste of your partner. Using your hands and a warm, wet cloth develops the awareness of ones sexuality, and when used on your partner... increases both yours and theirs sensual pleasure.

5. Hearing

You can further enhance your sensual pleasure of each other by playing atmospheric, soft music. Using incense, candles, but remember, that these additions should enhance the mood, not the urge to orgasm.

When concentrating on stimulating your senses, always follow the rule of *one hour*. This rule simply says that you cannot indulge in sex (including masturbation) for one hour before or one hour after lovemaking. This focuses the mind on your Tantra being a special time, and prevents it from becoming simply an act of physical gratification. It concentrates the mind on the energy building up inside you during the hour, before it can be utilised.

If the energy is placed under control... it also concentrates the mind during the hour afterward.
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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Tantric Sex   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:19 am

Beginning Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is an art - it's not concerned with fancy techniques or ever more complicated positions. It's not even about achieving a particular end. The difference it can make to your sex life is, paradoxically, the result of *not doing*. Tantra celebrates sex and sexuality - it teaches that physical pleasure in oneself and one's partner is the key to lasting pleasure in life, and a higher state of being.

Take time - Tantra is about being, about the moment, not about a goal, not, in short, about rushing towards climax. The time may well come when it is much less important to reach orgasm that it is to experience the harmony of your male female energies. Because of the lasting effects Tantra can have, the pursuit of orgasm, the fleeting moment of satisfaction, is no longer the ultimate goal. Everyone yearns for intimacy, unity and harmony with their partner, Tantra offers a way to achieve this goal.

Before you Begin

In Harmony

When you begin your journey using Tantra it is a journey you and your partner take together, so it is essential that you both agree that this is what you want to do.

Slow and Gentle
It is important that you make the space and time as you start your Tantric journey. Arrange a time you will not be disturbed during your voyage of discovery of each other.

An Intimate Space
You need first to set the stage as it were - create a space that pleases all your senses, where you feel relaxed and happy, and possess a feeling of calm. Keep lighting subdued and scent the room with the fragrance of soothing oils.

A Sensual Place
In Tantra your bed is not simply a place to sleep - it should be transformed into a haven of sensuality - add drapes and a seductive selection of fabrics and textures...
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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Tantric Sex   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:19 am

Beginning your Tantra Experience

Tantra is not about one partner doing something to the other. It is about honouring one another, about giving and recieving, about simply being and seeing where the being takes you. Tantra is all about learning to relax into pleasure, to truly feel the energy connections you have with your partner. They help to make orgasm a whole body and mind experience rather than a specifically sexual one, a life enhancing experience rather than a moments fleeting pleasure.

Honour Your Partner

Stand a short distance apart, bow to each other and then gaze into each others eyes. On your in-breath, imagine your energy being drawn to your heart; on the out-breath let your foreheads meet. Before moving on, clear the air of any frustratoions and resentments you feel.

Heart-to-Heart Breathing
Standing opposite your partner, gazing into his eyes, put your right hand on his heart; as you inhale, imagine breathing in his heart energy; as you exhale, breathe the energy of your heart into his.

Eroticism of Touch
Discoever the extraordinary sensuality of touch, usinf sensual fabrics and feathers, the tips of your fingers, and the lightest of breaths. Gently stroke your partner's naked body first with a feather, or with a soft sensous silk scarf, moving from his neck slowly down towards his feet. Do the same again with your fingertips and breath. This is a giving and receiving moment for you both.

Honouring Yoni and Lingam
Make sure that you both feel relxed and comfortable before you enter the next moment as this involves him taking the time to appreciate your yoni ( the female genitals) and you taking the time to appreciate his lingam (male genitals) This helps deepen trust and increase a sense of oneness.

Connecting Souls
Once you learn to truly experience the pleasure of skin agasint skin, the connection of Yoni and Lingam without movement, you open yourself to the wonderful experience of lasting pleasure.

Sit in the yab-yom position: Sit facing each other, spines and hearts aligned,
sexually connected but without moving...
Maintain eye contact and focus on sensation.
In this way you will begin to feel sex connecting you
heart and soul as well as physically.

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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Tantric Sex   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:20 am

Harnessing Your Tantric Energy

The ancient sexual art of Tantric Sex concentrates on harnessing a single primal energy to achieve hieghtened physical and emotional awareness. In Tantric sex, the energies of the individuals involved and the universal energies combine into a greater, more powerful whole. These harmonised energies lead to a sexual encounter that far exceeds any experience that is merely physical. Tantric practioners beleive that there is a single primal energy, which they know as *Shakti*. This is the energy of creation, and is thought to be concentrated on the woman. Over time, and with dedication, both partners can learn the art of Tantric sex in order to release this forceful energy. Tantric sex should also act to bring *Shakti* into harmony with *Kundalini*. This energy is thought to be essentially possessed by all, regardless of gender. In addition, your body houses seven centres of energy, known as Chakras. To access the Tantric energies, your Chakras also need to be in balance, but between those fortunate couples whose love is all powerful, this does not always have to be the case.

Contrary to assumption, the physical act is perhaps the least important aspect of Tantric Sex. Instead, this ancient tradition focuses on the flow of potent energies. Tantric sex is about achieving a state of bliss and heightned consciousness rather than achieving an orgasm.

Tantric sex focuses on relaxation first before using specific techniques to create a positive energy between you and your partner, building to an infinately more intense and long lasting body, and mind orgasm.

Ways To Harness Tantric Energy

There are many different methods of harnessing the Tantric energy within you,
including specific techniques to help you focus your mind, body and emotions.

Meditation is a powerful tool in Tantra, used to rid yourself of any distractions and open your mind to Tantric energies. First, you need to create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Try playing a CD that you and your partner both like, or burn incense etc.

Fire Meditation.
A common image used in Tantra is fire, which is seen to literally burn away distractions and negativity. For a fire meditation you should start by standing and imagining a flame rising up through your energy centres, burning from red to white as it purifies all your Chakras and leaves them balanced. Then visualise both you and your prtner open and connected by Tantric energy.

The Spoon
Forming the spoon position is an excellent way in which to make a connection with your partner before making love. It makes no difference which one of you is on the inside of the spoon, but both need to be lying on your left side to ensure that your Chakras are aligned. Concentrate on harmonising your breathing - the person lying at the back taking their lead from the one in the front. The partner at the back should visualise entering their parteners heart. Then both should imagine inhaling and exhaling from each Chakra in turn until reaching the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.

The Butterfly
The butterfly position is intended to draw your focus on the energy within your pelvic and genital region, and allow this energy to move freely within your pelvis to the rest of your body. Lie on your back with your knees bent and falling apart until just comfortable. You will feel small tremors in your thighs, but relax into this sensation rather than resisting it. Allow the energy to flow from your pelvis and genitals up your body towards your heart. Accompany this movement and flow with a gesture to express your offering of this energy to your partner.

Practice alternating breaths enables you and your partner to circulate energy between you. The exercise can increase your sense of love for your partner. Sit facing your partner and breath in through your yoni while at the same time rocking your pelvis and hips gently backwards. Now visualise your breath rising to your heart, then send that breath out towards your partners heart. He then inhales your breath through his heart, sends it through energy channels and finally exhales it through his lingam.
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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Tantric Sex   

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Understanding Tantric Sex
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