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 Understanding Sexual Body Language

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PostSubject: Understanding Sexual Body Language   Understanding Sexual Body Language Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 11:21 am

Understanding Sexual Body Language

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By understanding body language we can enhance the sexual signals we send out, indicting when we are attracted to someone, without uttering a word. Body language is a fascinating subject and, once we know how to read it and use it, a very useful one, to either accept or deny others advances. Many of instinctively understand other people's body language - for example, it's easy to tell lovers from friends by how close they stand to each other. When it comes to attracting a lover, we often get a hunch that someone finds us attractive, but as we can'tput our fingers on why, we donlt trust our instincts. Or, we can't understand why the object of our desires doesn't pick up on the way we feel about them. This is where enhancing our understanding of sexual signals can be put to good use.

According to experts, it can take between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide whether we find someone attractive and body language counts for 55% of this decision-making process. Learning to send out positive signals can be a useful skill. Tradition has it that the man does the *running* and displays the most obvious body language during the flirting process. This can also be true in the animal kingdom, where the males often take the lead in the mating game. Throughout history, women were supposed to be chaste and unobtainable. Accounts of courtly love in medieval times reveal women to be out of reach, remote objects over whom men fight and whose feet they fall. Even 50 years ago, women were meant to be submissive creatures who waited for men to make the first move. Hence, openly sexual suggestion and inviting body language has only been used equally by both sexes in recent years, perhaps only since the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

There are many signs to show we are attracted to someone. Watch your body language next time you are with a perspective partner and you'll be surprised at the signals you give out!

Eye Contact
We use this to connect with people and show that we're interested in what that are saying. Lingering glances or outright stares shows that we like to get better to know this person.

Dilated Pupils
An involuntary response, caused by a surge of adrenaline brought on by arousal. It's a sign we all recognise, if only subconsciously.

Reaching out to touch a person, lightly on one arm, for example, can work wonders in bonding with someone and breaking down physical barriers. Blatantly touching them every so often though shows how deep your attraction to this person goes.

Mirroring Movements
Often we copy people's movements a few moments after that have made them without realising. It's a way of saying "i'm on your wavelength, and feel and react the same way you do"

Leaning Forwards

The way two people sit or stand together speaks volumes. When we are interested in someone, we naturally turn our bodies towards them, so we become "in tune" with them. However, if the person of your desires stand sideways, it's a sign of being not completely in tune with either their own, or your desires.

Gestures such as running hands through hair and stroking the neck draw attention to attractive features.

Revealing Gestures
A woman tipping her head to one side, for example, indicates that this is where she would like to be kissed.

Raising eyebrows
This instinctive facial reflex, lasting only a moment, gives a visual sign that we find someone attractive.

Negative Body Language

Often, when we are not interested in someone, we make it obvious without even intending to. Sometimes, shyness and awkwardness can make your body language "closed" and you send out negative signals.

Folding Arms
This is an instinctive way of protecting your body from an unwelcome presence, as it creates a barrier between you and the other person.

With clothes or cutlery shows that your mind is only half on the conversation, and that you're looking for a diversion. Liars often fiddle, as do nervous people.

A Fake Smile
During a genuine happy smile, the eyes crease and lift up at the corners, and they "glow".

Propping Up The Head
This is as good as a yawn! Again, this is often a protective gesture.

When judging someone else's body language, don't take one aspect too literally. If someone looks to the floor, they might just be shy. Experts believe we should take a group of signals into account before we make any judgements. If you want to let someone know you're attracted to them, look them in the eye (if you find this difficult through being shy then you may find it easier to look people between the eyes, on the bridge of the nose.) Lean towards them, occasionally touch them and mirror their movements. If the feedback you get is positive, intensify the signals. Remember, too much sexual body language can be intimidating. For example, overdoing eye contact is too intense. Slowly moving your eyes over different parts of their face can be much more seductive. In saying that though, sometimes natural feelings overtake any sense of body language and you might find yourselves blatantly staring into the eys of the person your attracted to, trying to work out your own feelings and why they are so intense. Seldom does that happen though, unless a strong force of connection is felt by both people.
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PostSubject: Re: Understanding Sexual Body Language   Understanding Sexual Body Language Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 11:21 am

Dominant & Submissive Secrets of Body Language

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We humans have inherited many of the ways our nearest relatives, the chimpanzees, use to categorize or sort out our dealings with each other. Thus the first time we meet a new person, we tend to rapidly judge them in regards of whether they are submissive or dominant compared to us.

Although our logical brain tends to think that other factors play a more important role, our *monkey* brain categorizes individuals according to their rights to food, territory and sex. This instinctive categorization derives from the dominant or submissive signals our body language emits to the others and it is very important if you want to be regarded as a successful, powerful person in life & business.

Here is an example of a dominant body language signal

They way you sit betrays if you are in a dominant or submissive mood, this very moment. The secrets of body language say that if you are sitting with your legs not crossing each other (straight open), this sends an unconscious dominant signal cause of the hypothetical *appearance* of your genitals. On the contrary if you are sitting with your legs crossed in any way at all, you are sending submissive signals to the people near you.

Dominant and submissive body language secrets include tall, territorial, standing, sitting, elbow, orientation, face, yawning, talk, voice, touching, looking, shrugging, defensive, self-comforting, head, eye, eyebrow, smiling, blushing, tongue and grooming signs.

The Secrets of Body Language During Conversations

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The way a conversation works is by taking turns for each and every one who participates and it is very unusual to witness a conversation that everyone is talking at the same time. In order for a participant to show that he wants to take turn and the speaker role in a conversation it is necessary for him to produce several turn-taking signals for the others to understand.

These *unofficial* turn-taking signals are used from people to declare that they want to take the speaker role. In accordance when someone wants to maintain the listener role he produces turn-avoiding signals. These body language signals play on in an *unofficial* way behind an *official* conversation and knowing how to manage them could put you in a place to control exactly how much time you get to talk and when.

Conversation body language includes, turn-avoiding, turn-taking, turn-yielding, turn-holding, talk and posture signs.

Understanding Sexual Body Language Ideal-10

Greetings maybe one of the most important part of our body language and this is because greetings present us with an opportunity to enter into a conversation. You are probably aware that first impression and last impression plays an important role when meeting with someone for the first time.

Greeting secrets of body language include transition signs, handshake signs, power signs, hugging signs, kissing signs, name signs and parting signs.

Here is quick example of a handshake sign

The upper handshake is taking place when one of the two people, who are handshaking, is placing his palm over the other persons palm. Imagine, instead of having a vertical oriented handshake, now you have a horizontal oriented handshake with one of the two person’s palm on top and the other under. The person who has his palm on top is instantly taken as the dominant person and the other as the submissive one, for the rest of this meeting.

The secrets of body language is a science by itself and it is not possible to be described in a single post here. However if you are someone who is interested to improve your place amongst the people that surround you, get more opportunities in life, appear to be more dominant, get that job you were always dreaming of and a lot more different things, you should definitely invest some time in reading the psychology behind human body language.

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Understanding Sexual Body Language
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