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 The Five 'Clairs'

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The Five 'Clairs' Empty
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The Five 'Clairs'

1) Clairvoyance -- The most coveted of the five Claire's which means clear vision or one who sees clearly. People who have this gift can often see the spirits of the deceased people and can also receive visions of the past, present, or future, or what some call a 'premonition.' Some People will have an ability related to Clairvoyance which is called remote viewing, which is the ability to see an event occurring in another place.

2) Clairaudience -- The second most popular of the five Claire's which means clear hearing or one who hears clearly. Just like Clairvoyants can tune into their "third eye" to receive their visions so can a Clairaudient tune into their 'third ear" to receive their message. A Clairaudient may have the ability to hear the voices of the dead, but they can also perceive different noises that the Spirit uses to manifest itself; For example, if a person died in a car accident the Clairaudient may hear a car crash or a car honking or an ambulance, all clues that the spirit will use to get his message across. Some People will not perceive actual sounds, but will get psychic impressions in their third ear just like a Clairaudient will get impressions through their third eye without actually physically seeing anything.

3) Clairsentience means the ability to 'feel' clearly. Anyone who has this gift gets their physic impressions through the sense of touch. Certain things have a strong spiritual vibe and a clairsentience can tap into that by touching items. Sometimes when something very emotionally powerful happens in a place the memory or psychic imprint will linger in the room and a clairsentience will usually pick up the emotions right away. People who are clairsentience can usually perceive emotions or diseases that are in the body, if someone has heart problems a clairsentient will usually start to feel pain or a strong feeling in the heart. Clairsentients differ from other people because their gift doesn’t come from a third eye where a vivid image forms, but instead they will get a very vivid feeling. If their ability is strongly developed they may have a related gift called Empath where the person can pick up on emotions and feeling that belong to other people as well as the dead. A lot of people use this sense without really realizing it, have you ever seen someone who asks for something personal of the person before they get a reading?

4) Clairalience is clear smell and it might sound funny, but I have actually met someone who has this ability! And yes he does smell everything that’s how he perceives his messages, he uses his nose.

5) Clairgustance is clear taste or someone who gets psychic impressions through taste.
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The Five 'Clairs'
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