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 Psychic Questionnaire

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PostSubject: Psychic Questionnaire   Psychic Questionnaire Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 3:12 pm

Psychic Questionnaire

Use this test to examine your personal psychic experiences and discover your overall psychic potential. Read each question carefully, and take some time to think about your personal experiences in relation to each. Next, rate each question using the scoring system below. When you have worked your way through the questions from the 5 sections add up your total score, and then compare your scores with the table at the end to discover your true psychic potential.

Scoring system
I have never experienced this – 1 point
I have experienced this once – 2 points
I have experienced this often – 3 points
This happens to me frequently – 4 points
This happens to me all the time – 5 points.

Section 1: Déjà vu
Have you had déjà vu? i.e. experienced a sequence of events and had the sensation that you’ve experienced that exact sequence before?
Have you visited somewhere you have never been before but felt a sense of familiarity with it?
Have you ever met someone for the first time but thought that maybe you have met before but you couldn’t quite put your finger on where?
Have you encountered someone who thought they knew you, despite never having met you?
Have you known something about a place or person despite never having seen them or the place before?

Section 2: Dreams
Have you dreamt about an unfamiliar person, place or event and then encountered it/them after the dream?
Have you dreamt that you left your body and travelled through the air – for a great distance, just around the room or even through time?
Have you visited a place in your dreams, and seen it in great detail, despite never having been there?
Have you ever felt compelled to do something because you experienced something in a dream?
Have you dreamt about a dead relative or old friend and learned things that you didn’t know before about them?

Section 3: Sixth Sense
Have you seen or felt a ghost or ghostly presence?
Do you suffer from any of the following strange sensations when passing through any particular spot in your house/workplace/somewhere else you visit?
Involuntary shivers, sensation of temperature change or air movement where there is none, surge of irrational emotion?
Whilst awake and moving about, have you had one or a combination of these experiences: sudden lack or muffling of background noise: apparent slowing of things or people around you: unusual change in quality of light; impossibly abrupt change of weather; abrupt absence of other people or signs of life; people of incongruous appearance, such as a young person wearing old fashioned style clothing?
Whilst awake and moving around, have you apparently become invisible or practically invisible to those around you? Have people ever seemed not to notice you or ignore the questions that you’re trying to ask as if you weren’t really there?

Section 4: Coincidences
Do you ever find yourself getting phone calls from people you were just thinking about, or have you ever discovered that you have phoned someone at the same time they were thinking about you?
Have you ever said exactly the same thing as someone else at the same moment in time?
Have unrelated people mentioned an unusual name or topic to you independently of one another in a short space of time, such as a day?
Has an apparently accidental occurrence or choice, such as missing a train or a flight, led to a significant meeting or event?

Section 5: Telepathy

Have you felt a sudden emotional or physical pain and later found out that a relative or loved one was independently experiencing a crisis of some sort?
Have you felt compelled to call a relative or loved one because of a feeling of anxiety only to discover that they really needed you because they were in trouble of some sort?
If you have a pet, has it ever been seen to get agitated or excited more than three minutes before your return home at an unusual time of day.
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Questionnaire   Psychic Questionnaire Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 3:13 pm

How well did you score in the psychic questionnaire?

21-35 Fully Latent
Most people’s psychic powers are dormant, and you seem to fall into this group. This doesn’t mean that you can’t awaken your gift – creative visualisation and relaxation exercises can help you to tune in to your latent abilities.

35-60 Partly Latent
Your psychic abilities are basically dormant but occasionally stir, producing interesting if ambiguous results. Now that you’re aware of what’s going on, pay closer attention to those strange coincidences and chance events that you might normally dismiss of ignore. Again, creative visualisation could help you boost your psychic abilities.

60-80 Subconsciously Psychic
Your psychic gift is active just below the level of conscious awareness. Breaking through this barrier so that your abilities become more controlled will take a lot of hard work, but could be well worth it. In the meantime, be alert to the insights that your gift can offer. Learn to trust your instincts, because there may be more to them than your thought.

80-105 Psychically Aware
You may not be in control of your psychic powers but you are certainly aware of them. Treat them with care and respect and they could prove to be a valuable tool for personal growth. Develop them further and you could really change your life.
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Psychic Questionnaire
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