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 Motivational Affirmations

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PostSubject: Motivational Affirmations   Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:27 pm

Motivational Affirmations:

I can change my life.

Today I will take one step toward my dreams.

Motivation catapults me toward my goals.

I choose to be motivated and enthusiastic about living.

I am supported and encouraged to follow my passion.

Action is the energy that translates my thoughts into reality.

I possess the wisdom, the power, the motivation, the inspiration and the passion to accomplish anything and everything I choose.

There are no obstacles on my path only road-bumps that I easily and swiftly leap over.

I already have it all. What I don’t see with my eyes is growing in my heart, expressed in my dreams, and on its way to my reality.

Today is filled with opportunity. Everywhere I look I see it, and I trust my intuition to follow where it leads.

Good Morning Life! I am so grateful to be alive today.

Today I will trust divine guidance to head my actions knowing that I will be brought to joy & prosperity.

Good Morning! Yes, it will be a good morning and a good day!

I am grateful for today.

The sun is shining through my window and through my heart.

I enter this day with an attitude of appreciation.

Today my world is changing for the better. I open my awareness to my shifting reality.

I allow my intuition to guide my actions to day with trust that I am guided toward my highest good.

Today I will be pleasantly surprised.

I enter today with an open mind and a calm presence.
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Motivational Affirmations
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