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 Choosing The Right Scent

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PostSubject: Choosing The Right Scent   Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:42 pm

Choosing The Right Scent

There are a bewildering array of aromatherapy fragrances to choose from, but it's easy to get the hang of picking the one that's just right for you. Some fragrances will ease you off to sleep, others will help wake you up in the morning. Some relax you, easing away stress and anxiety; others are revitalising and will gee you up for that all important job interview. Oils that smell very similar often have very different effects. Lemon is a stimulant, yet Lemongrass is a sedative. Rosemary and peppermint, on the other hand, smell nothing alike, but both are excellent for fatigue.

Over the next coming weeks here on this forum, I will be covering dozens of aromatic plants in detail, explaining their active qualities, the ways that you can use them and even the folklore and myths associated with them. In the meantime I will produce a checklist, that will help you to make quick decisions about which scent is the right one for you.

Smell is the most primitive of your senses, and the one most closely linked to your memories and emotions. When you think of your mother's kitchen, or a beautiful day at the seaside, their smells are often the first thing that springs to mind. You can use these memories when choosing aromas to create specific moods.

As scents are linked to your memories, not everyone will enjoy the same aromas. Lavender is often considered uplifting but if it reminds you of a crotchety old aunt it is unlikely to relax you! Luckily, as most conditions can be eased by a number of different oils, there will always be a right one for you.

TIP: Woody smells that remind you of the outdoors can ease urban stress. Strengthen the association in your mind by burning incense coils in your garden on calm summer evenings.
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Choosing The Right Scent
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