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 Recognising Your Psychic Potential

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Recognising Your Psychic Potential

Have you ever thought that you might possess psychic powers?
Read on to explore your personal psychic potential.

Many people believe that psychic powers exist, but very few believe that they are actually psychic themselves. You may imagine that only specially gifted to trained people have these powers, but have you ever stopped to think that they might be relatively common? That you yourself might have some degree of untapped psychic ability? You may get the odd clue about your true potential in the form of strange experiences or phenomena, without realising what these mean.

In ancient times it was widely accepted that ordinary men and women were likely to have psychic gifts. Roman historians, for instance, recorded paranormal experiences and psychic visions as routine occurrences in the lives of Emperors, Generals and Soldiers alike.

For some people, psychic powers have been deeply repressed, but with training and knowledge they can be reactivated. Psychics believe that we can repress our psychic abilities but we have not lost them completely. In most people they are simply lying dormant, or ‘latent’, while in other people they may be operating on a subconscious level.

Having psychic powers does not necessarily mean you can bend spoons – there are several subtler ways that you can use your powers without even noticing them.

Déjà vu
Experiences such as Déjà vu or a sense of familiarity with a new person or place can be evidence of a psychic power called Clairvoyance – the ability to view things at a distance. In Celtic Lore this power is known as ‘second sight’ and it can be passed down through generations.

Dreams have always been linked to the paranormal, and this is probably because psychic powers tend to work best when the mind is relaxed and open. The freedom from conscious control that sleep brings is a good way to achieve this state. Many psychics believe that the soul, or ‘astral body’ can leave the body during sleep and travel through space and possibly even time, and that dreams are actually the recorded experiences of your astral or ‘psychic’ body.

Sixth Sense
Natural psychics are more sensitive to spirits, or areas of psychic disturbance (e.g. the site of a murder), but subconsciously activated psychic gifts may be linked with subtler forms of strange experience – the sort of thing that you might later dismiss as a daydream or ‘funny turn’. A sudden sense of unreality, as if you have briefly entered a sort of twilight zone, can be a sign that your sixth sense has momentarily taken hold of your consciousness. Paranormal expert Jenny Randles calls this sensation the ‘Oz Factor’, and has found that its associated with many types of paranormal phenomena.

Psychologists have found that people are generally bad at estimating probabilities, and tend to be poor at judging the likelihood of events. In other words, many apparently incredible coincidences may not be that amazing after all. However, apparent coincidences that turn out to be useful or significant could be the result of your psychic powers working at a subconscious level. For instance, hidden precognitive powers might cause you to be late for a train, because you subconsciously knew that you would meet your future partner on the next one.

Psychic bonds are stronger between people who are emotionally linked, and strongest between close family members. This may be why twins can sometimes communicate without speaking – an ability known as Telepathy. A form of telepathy known as telempathy is involved when you sense that a loved one is having a crisis, even if they are a hundred miles away.
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Recognising Your Psychic Potential
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